Sunday, December 27, 2009

The great compromise of 2009

Oh boy, I've been absent. Good thing is, Josiah and I have spent the past two days at the mall, registering. Finally! I've only been waiting for this for what seems like a century ... waiting and dreading ha.

To be honest, the process went way, way better than I could have expected. Josiah and I had a little mishap earlier in the week that made me really not look forward to finding stuff we both like. Turns out Jo hated every dish set I liked. And he wanted white. And then I cried. (Not really.)

But, after talking to Amanda (aka best maid of honor/friend/woman/educator in the world), I realized that I could get over my hatred for white. So I did. At least, I did when I found these:

It's white, but it's a combo of glossy/matte and the ribbing is really fantastic. Plus, I think the shapes of the pieces really makes them stand out. I'm glad that we found something we both love.

Tomorrow I'll post some of my favorite registry items ...

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