Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dessert party

In early November, I was having a particularly crappy day and decided to listen to Christmas music. Over the past years I have grown to really love Christmas ... mostly because of the decorations, I admit. Anyway, while listening to the Rat Pack Does Christmas, I decided Josiah and I would hold a holiday dessert party. The month leading up to the event was a pain in the ass, but it ended up being a blast. My mom and I ended up making at least 15 desserts, and tons of guests brought stuff to share as well. It couldn't have gone better. Somehow Josiah and I fit around 45 people in our sub-800 square foot house. It was a ton of fun! It was exciting for Josiah and I to host our first event at our new downtown home. I can't wait to play hostess again!

Adriane and Stefanie

Erica, the photographer!

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