Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I hate chocolate, except when combined with hazelnuts

Yesterday Bethany and I were having an emotionally charged conversation about old people not liking cute invitations. In a rash moment, I blurted out (via Gchat) “My mom is just lucky that I didn’t fold the invitation like a crepe and put Nutella inside.”

Thus came the greatest idea of the wedding so far: “You should do mini things of Nutella as your favors.”

Oh yes.

Anyone with a brain knows how good Nutella is. Especially paired with bananas. And especially inside crepes.

Like all good things, Nutella comes in small jars that would be perfect as a gift. I’m still unsure whether people will think I’m odd or not. I mean, it’s not exactly the same as gifting a jar of super-crunchy Jif, right? I wonder if our non-hip, non-Euro guests will even know what Nutella is.

Who cares. Nutella!!!!!!!!!

Here’s a picture of a cute set of seven mini jars.

I have an inkling that mini Nutella jars will be:
1. Hard to find. Dumb imports.
2. Not economical.

Regardless, my search starts now. As I told Bethany, I hope people are confused and don’t want the Nutella. That way I can take it all home. I deserve 100 mini jars anyway. Think of all the crepes I could make…

I have a jar of Nutella in my “pantry” (really just half a spice cabinet) that hasn’t had any use in a long time. That needs to change. When I studied in Italy, I had a Nutella and banana sandwich every day for lunch because there was no peanut butter. I also had four helpings of gelato a day. And I still lost 10 pounds!

In honor of Nutella and the glorious Italians who created it (I think. Maybe not. Too lazy to go on Wikipedia.), I am going to make banana and Nutella cupcakes from the blog Bleeding Espresso. Maybe I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.


  1. Go to Cost Plus World Market. They have baby jars of nutella. Also, you should just try contacting the manufacturer to get a deal.

    P.S. that is an amazing and super cute idea. that beats the regular candy-coated almonds or dumb chocolates. It's YOU, it's delicious, we can dress the jars up really cute or put them in a cellophane bag that's colored fruity like your wedding and include a note or a recipe for using nutella. I love it. I'm going to retell you all of this information on the phone later.

  2. I like cool fruity crepes.

    Also, are you obsessed with Cost Plus? Because I am (secretly), but you have suggested I go there at least 3 times a day.

  3. LOVE your Nutella idea! It's perfect...didn't know you went to Italy...mmm gelato (ate some at every opportunity when I was in Rome).
    LOL, I have a jar of Nutella hanging out in my pantry too. Ooh those banana/Nutella cupcakes sound good!