Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cutesy engaged moments, pt. 1

I have decided to write more easily digestible entries. My first attempt is the installation "Cutesy engaged moments." Here you will find embarrassing snippets of me and Josiah's relationship as a newly engaged couple.

Josiah: "You look especially German tonight."
Celeste: "No."
Josiah: "Yes, you do."
Celeste: "Why?"
Josiah: "Your hair, your complexion, your eyes--"
Celeste: "--Those have not changed. I don't look German."
Josiah: "It's not a bad thing. I'm German. You know who else is German?"
Celeste: "Hitler."
Josiah: "No."
Celeste: "Heidi Klum."
Josiah: "Yes! How did you know that's who I was thinking of?"

The rest of the conversation covered whether Seal was a robot or not.


  1. Hitler was actually Austrian. Sometimes you embarrass me.

  2. I never said I was a history major! Hahahah. That just makes it more ... endearing?

  3. I bursted out with a laugh once I read your Hitler response! How sweet that your hubby-to-be compares you to Heidi Klum...at least you guys aren't like those other overly gushy engaged couples that make you want to gag!

  4. I'm putting Seal at about 40% robot.