Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My mom hates this idea

A while ago, my little sister Annelise said the bridesmaids should wear Vans at the wedding. I laughed it off, though I secretly thought it was a great idea. Last week I thought I had come up with an amazing plan: Josiah could give his groomsmen Vans to wear at the wedding as a gift. Then I realized I wasn't the brilliant one and remembered Annelise's suggestion haha. Josiah and I have worn Vans for years now, and collectively have had too many pairs to count.

After some searching, I came up with the perfect pair, this white organic Authentic shoe with a green stripe.

Vans come in a billion different colors, and about a year ago I saw the perfect reddish orange color Authentics. I should have bought them, but probably made up some excuse (oh, fiscal responsibility). If I could find a pair now, I would be in heaven.

My ideal wedding shoe scenario:

Bridesmaids and groomsmen in all white or white with a green/red accent stripe.

Me in reddish-orange (still on the hunt)

Josiah in green:

The girls are wearing green dresses from J. Crew, so white shoes would be adorable. I, on the other hand, could wear the reddish-orange to add a fun pop of color to my ivory, knee-length dress.

My mom is not keen on the idea of the girls wearing Vans at all … let alone me sporting Vans. I plan on wearing her down, but in the case that she holds strong, maybe I could just wear them for the reception and be comfortable? ...I would kind of like to wear heels so I can have nice calves haha!

Can you imagine how cute the pictures would be with us all in Vans? I can’t even handle it. Anyway, how am I going to skid my fixed gear down the aisle in heels? We all know heels + cages don't work well. But you better believe that our bikes are going to be involved somehow...

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  1. I really really like this idea. I actually planned on having all the groomsmen wear Vans, and thought it would be easy to pull off because they have tons of friends that work for Van's and could have easily gotten a sweet discount. But they procrastinated and then just got some random canvas sneakers from Walmart the night before the wedding and I was a little pissed. My brother and Eric Franco had real Vans and the rest wore what looked like prison shoes. Also, my mom hated lots of ideas I had, but she eventually got burnt out on arguing with me and didn't care anymore. I'm sorry all my comments turn into novels.