Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wedding alleycat!!!!

As many of you know, Josiah and I are heavy into cycling. We ride fixed gear bikes, the kind with no gears and no brakes. The sport is a blast and we've gained so many really, really incredible friends over the past years through bikes.

Josiah and I have officially decided to hold a wedding alleycat (a scavenger hunt-like bike race). We're thinking it'll be the weekend after our wedding and it'll be a way for us to celebrate with all of our bike friends! I've been wanting to organize an alleycat for a long time now, and Josiah ought to plan something (since his wedding planning involvement is not much to brag about haha).

I'm pretty sure this is the greatest idea ever! We are already having a blast thinking of destinations (Tempe Center for the Arts, courthouse, dress boutique, strip club) and props (something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, garters, ring pops, etc.). The people who help us with the race can be the bridal party! The spokecards could be adaptations of our actual invitations, and the fliers could be save the dates...!!!

Now we just need to come up with a punny name. And get this shit together.

Sad but true: I am kinda more excited about this than the actual wedding. Sort of kidding haha.

Edit: It would be great to make this a guy/girl partner race. The dudes could ride to Dream Palace, while the girls could ride to a salon or something, etc. then meet up at the courthouse or chapel or whatever. Yes, it is going to be hilariously stereotypical hahah.

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