Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Half DIY

When I envisioned my ultimate wedding of the century, I figured some crafting would be involved. I have an innate desire to make things, but it's not exactly my forte. I've bounced from craft to craft, whether it's knitting or painting or beading. Nothing's ever stuck. Probably because I'm not good. But I want to be a DIYer so badly.

So, when the time came to think about a guest book, I immediately decided to do some sort of cards instead of the traditional bound book. That way, I could display them in a cool frame or installation piece later on. I contacted Invited Ink to see if they could design some fun cards for us. Success! I printed them out at Kinko's, sliced 'em up and pasted them to some thick, sparkly cardstock. I'm pretty stoked about them.

Our baker, SLiCE, is making key lime shortbread cookies shaped like bikes for our favors. She's going to glaze and decorate them in our colors. Each one will be individually wrapped and placed on every placesetting. I wanted to have some sort of cute tag to accompany the bags. Here's what Invited Ink came up with. They are so darling, and I love how the "Celeste & Josiah" is being incorporated into various aspects of the wedding.


  1. Love it all!!! So excited for you! =D

  2. cuuuute :)

    We wanted to integrate something bike related, just not sure how

  3. You know, I have your first ever knitting project still pinned to my bulletin board with its accompanying tag. You are so not "not good."

  4. Those are so cute!!