Friday, March 12, 2010

A dramatic reading of a real break up letter

Dear friends and family,

Please RSVP to my wedding. As of right now, only 89 people will be attending. While my parents will appreciate the budget cut, my heart may break at the sight of so many empty chairs.

People who apparently aren't coming to the gala:
-Josiah's best man and his wife
-The photographer
-The officiant
-One of my bridesmaids
-An entire half of Josiah's family

Do me a favor and fill out those precious postcards. They have polar bear stamps on them! Who could resist dropping a madlibbed polar bear postcard in the mail? Not me. I might mail myself one to make up for the unexpectedly small stack I've received.

The deadline is March 15. I can only hope you all are procrastinators.

Love always,

P.S. - Obviously I can assume the above listed VIPs are coming (I'm only kidding about you!), but I'm using the RSVPs in the reception decor. I'd love some additional postcards to work with!

Our current count:

89 YES


  1. It's crazy how people tend to procrastinate in RSVP'ing for weddings! You have the best RSVP cards ever so I expected this to be an easy process for your wedding. Sorry to hear it's been an added stress =(

  2. Kristen and I resorted to hate mail in order to get all of our RSVPs back. You should give it try.

  3. ours have the same stamps, haha

  4. Stacy, it's funny because our friends have actually been really good about RSVPing. My friend Thomas said it's probably because they can appreciate the fun RSVPs!

    Lorin -- I am obsessed with those stamps. Hahaha they are too cute.