Monday, March 15, 2010

Myspace wedding hair

Last year, Kristen from Llena de Moras blogged about her new hairstylist, Darci, here. I decided to give Darci and Hair Pollution a shot considering I had been going to the beauty school for five years. I figured it was time to abandon $12 haircuts and become a grown up. Well, I seriously love Darci. I am SO happy with everything she does. My haircuts have been fantastic and fresh.

Last week I went to her for my wedding trial make up and hair appointment. Both looked good, but I think the curls were just a bit too perfectly curly.

Today I went in for a haircut, and Darci told me she learned a new curling technique she thought I'd like. So, she spent an extra 25 minutes doing this really fun wave style, wrapping the hair like figure eights around the curling iron barrel. It turned out awesome. It was the perfect amount of curl and wasn't very prim and proper feeling. She said it was her first time doing it on a real person (haha instead of a mannequin), so I know it'll look even better for the wedding. I think once we mess with some product to keep it piecy looking, it'll be perfect.


  1. your shower curtain looks like a celebrity event appearance backdrop like this

    oh, and love the hair :)

  2. hahaha it does! but it's actually italian vocabulary :).

    and thanks! what are you planning on doing with your hair and makeup?

  3. Beautiful! I love the waves in your hair!