Sunday, March 7, 2010

This is why I have been absent.

My current to-do list:
  • Create wedding playlist
  • Meet with Kenny, our officiant
  • Call Morgan to brainstorm photos
  • Write vows
  • Nail down groomsmen outfits
  • Buy Vans for wedding party
  • Book hotel for mini-honeymoon
  • Find jewelry
  • Create day-of timeline
  • E-mail caterer
  • Have Jo's pants tailored
  • Buy more thank you notes
  • Start writing wedding TY notes
  • Create program easel
  • Schedule haircut
  • Finish creating guest book cards
  • Call Todd to discuss performing during ceremony
This past week's to-do list (all of which we accomplished):
  • Buy wedding rings
  • Mail back Jo's ill-fitting suit
  • Pick up hair piece/comb thing
  • Schedule/go to trial hair and makeup appointment
  • Print and cut guest book cards
  • Buy twine for wedding favors
  • Buy bulk candy for centerpieces
  • Buy ties for groomsmen
  • Buy glasses for centerpieces
Now stop your moaning! I'm doing enough of that for you all haha.

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