Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bless my mother. And crepes.

Good news on the wedding front.

My parents met with the caterer today. Mom says she is "very nice."

More importantly (maybe) -- it turns out we can have a crepe station. And an Italian soda display. And blood orange juice!!!! And pretty much everything else we could think of. Yay!

Basic brunch starts at $25/person, then goes up with add ons (generally around $8/person per food station). As far as I know, that doesn't include renting linens and all of that nonsense. Who knows what it will end up being. The caterer says she'll send a price breakdown in the next couple days.

All I can say is ... crepes! My dream will come true.


  1. I love your blog! Learning so much about the wedding process through you =)
    Yay for the crepe station...ever since my 1st visit to Paris, I have the urge to eat one whenever I pass by any crepe place...even had some yummy ones in our recent Japan trip!
    I have not had an Italian soda in ages...your wedding is going to be spectacular. I am so happy for you!

  2. Thanks Stacy!

    And for the record, I am so jealous about your Japan trip. I loved reading your status updates about it! I lived in Japan for three years when I was younger. I couldn't appreciate it back then, and I want to go back so bad. Especially because of the food ... Japanese food is my favorite!

    I am also so jealous about your crepe experiences :). I can't say that I've ever had authentic crepes, but I just love the idea of how customizable they are. Especially since they can either be sweet or savory. Love them!

    Thanks for the well wishes! I feel like I haven't seen you in like 7 years!! I think about you and Lester every time I go home and see your house :)

  3. I never knew you lived in Japan! The trip was amazing and I hope you and the (future) hubby will get to go in the near future. I miss the food so much...it took us 2 weeks to try sushi in the US again (also sucks that it costs twice more here).

    Seriously, you always cross my mind too when I drive through the lovely Fairways! During a recent visit, I made it a point to tell my mom that you're getting hitched soon. Continuing to love your blog and so excited that you found your perfect dress! Cannot wait to see pictures in a couple of months =)