Thursday, August 27, 2009

Floral redemption

A phone call from yesterday:

Celeste: "Josiah, the florist was awesome."
Josiah: "That is the first time I've heard you say something was awesome."

It's true. I've been less than thrilled about some recent wedding experiences, but my meeting with Jeanne from White Poppy was incredible.

First of all, she was excited. And had ideas. And cared about what I thought (a novel idea?).

At one point she called herself the "anti-wedding florist," which sold me haha. She explained that she's not into the frilly tulle and bows and nonsense garbage. I'm stoked about that.

I can't wait to work with her and get everything figured out. What a relief. It was a great feeling to walk out of her home studio (in the beautiful Arcadia neighborhood), and be truly excited.

Saturday brings another appointment to try on dresses at Uptown Bridal in downtown Chandler. They have a great collection (read: more than one) of shorter dresses. I can't wait to try them on!


  1. Random comments:

    Remember ditching megan, mia, and I to go make out with Josiah for over an hour after prom?

    Your email excerpt reminded me of a resume I was reviewing yesterday, in which someone claimed to have once "provided a quantity of foodstuffs for a specific event"

    You would get married at an art museum. At least you aren't getting married at Jamba Juice.

    Cakes 3, 5, and 7 are the best!

    Seems like you already have the italian sodas figured out, but if you go to a restaurant supply store you can usually find flavored syrups for $2-4 per bottle. Here is a link; although there are none of these in AZ, it might be good for reference:

    My girlfriend reads design sponge constantly and I will now be linking her to this blog because i think its the girly kind of thing she would enjoy (although apparantly I enjoyed it enough to write 500 words of comments)

    Your theme is "zoomed in pictures of various citrus fruit"? I do like candied blood orange peel though.

    The ceremony area (is there a technical term?) looks very modern and edgy. Which reminds me - you could probably kick your elitism to another notch if you took up art and/or wine as a hobby. They both offer insane opportunities for pretense!

    Great shirt/tie/jacket.

    Having done wedding catering, I will say that you are getting taken at $80 a head for brunch. What are you getting for that money? Reference point: I did a "friends price" wedding for one of our bartenders for $3800 for 350 people. Just saying, you might want to shop around a bit unless you are tied by your venue to a specific caterer.

    butterz E>

  2. Hahahaha. I don't even know how to respond to this. So good. TWalker, I miss you!

    As far as the caterer, we are required the use them. They actually do a ton of the nicer places in AZ and most of those places use them "exclusively."

    I think the 80/person is ridiculous too. I'll post the menu in a future post, but here it is:

    Morning Gathering
    Fresh Fruit Trifle
    Garnola,Seasonal Berries, Honey-Vanilla Bean Yogurt, and an Orange Drizzle
    Potato-Basil Frittata
    Farm Fresh Eggs with Goat Cheese, Fresh Herbs, and Yukon Gold Potatoes
    Challah French Toast
    Cinnamon-Brown Sugar battered with Vermont Maple Syrup
    Fresh Made Crepes, Served with Assorted Seasonal Fruit Compote,
    Cinnamon Sugar & Whipped Butter
    Breakfast Sausage
    Links of Spicy Pork Sausage
    Smoked Salmon
    Served atop Mini Bagels with Homemade Scallion and Vegetable Cream Cheese,
    Vine Ripen Roma Tomatoes and Capers
    Assortment of Breads & Pastries
    ~ Cheddar-Chive Biscuits
    ~ Blueberry-Almond Coffee Cake Muffins
    Served with Whipped Butter and Homemade Blueberry-Ginger Preserves
    58.95 per person

    That includes all of the linens, dishes, silverware, etc. The extra 20/person covers the service fee, tax, bartenders, bar set up, whatever. I don't even know. It certainly gave me a heart attack.

    I am going to use cake 7 as our reference. I really like the horizontal stripes of number 3, but I'm not down with the bows.

    And the place isn't necessarily an art museum, so suck it. It does have a gallery, but it's a performing arts space too. It's brand new and holds a lot of really cool events.

    OK, I don't even know how to reply to all of these comments. In any case, I am glad that 1. you read my blog and 2. you care enough to comment. Keep commenting? I actually appreciate your thoughts. And we need to chat sometime so I can get your advice with the caterer. I haven't been on AIM in a couple years, but I use gchat religiously (

    Also, Jo and I are going to head up to Washington at some point. You will have to give us some pointers. I have a feeling that we will end up in the NW for his doctorate. You'll have to let me know if you know anything about the schools up there (obviously you do).

    I know you moved -- are you still in Bellingham? I read about it allll the time. Seriously, it is profiled in my douchey magazines all the time. I really want to visit.

  3. Yes i still live in Bellingham and just moved into a new house in a really cute neighborhood. It is really a fantastic city and a great place to live, work, and study. It is unfortunate that WWU does not have any doctorate programs or I would definitely recommend it.

    You will have to forgive the mega-comment, but I figured it was better than commenting on each post individually, being as I just read the whole thing in one go.

  4. Amanda BergstraserAugust 28, 2009 at 1:38 PM

    First off, just because of your blog I feel like writing a story of my life and try to make it sound half as interesting as yours. Second off, love your ideas on the wedding. Hopefully I wasn't one of the people to get hacked off the guest list.

  5. Amanda! You are crazy--I would never cut you :).

    And you should write the story of your life! Or at least something ... writing in this blog is actually really therapeutic for me. It gives me a fun break from the journalistic writing I do all week.