Wednesday, August 5, 2009

January 15, 2098

Celeste: "I am already hateful of this process."
Bethany: "You've been engaged for four days. Suck it up."

I am a worrywart. It is true that I became engaged on Friday night and I am already stressed out. The wedding may very well be tomorrow, not April. I have already managed to annoy those around me, make my mother angry and persuade Josiah to rethink his decision to marry me, let alone be around me for 10 minutes.

Here is the first dilemma of the too many to come: our desired timeframe.

You see, Josiah and I have been together for a long time. We didn't want to have a super long engagement, because by that time Josiah will be really old. I know there's nothing wrong with being engaged for a year or more, but we just want to get it over with. We've been waiting for a long time, so we see no reason to prolong it.

So we picked April. I've always dreamed of a brunch wedding (our favorite meal), with a crepe station and fresh blood oranges cut into fancy shapes (neither of these will happen). Still, though, we like waffles. April mornings are perfect in Arizona -- 70s with a zero percent chance of showers. Can't get better than that for an outside wedding.

Apparently everyone else has the same idea because places are ... not really available.

Josiah was convinced that a wedding would only take three weeks to plan. We argued about it even before we got engaged. My mom has always said a year was the length needed to properly plan. I told her she didn't have the Internet back in the day and I could surely cut that down. I am confident I could get everything else ready in 8.5 months, but I can't really change the unavailability of venues in April.

I've already had dramatic conversations with anyone and everyone who will listen to me (mother, Josiah, Bethany, Erica and Amanda). As of yesterday--my second day of searching--I had resigned myself to having our wedding in my parents' backyard amidst a lot of dog poop. I would invite 10 people and feel sorry for myself. Mom says I was being "doom and gloom," which has been a common phrase since Friday night. Not anymore!

So it turns out pretty much all of the venues I've looked at have had one Saturday available each, either in late March or April. That's good news, kind of. I'm happy that places are available but it scares me that there is only one date at each. Just today a place e-mailed me saying someone had secured a Saturday at lunch. I need to be quick and agile.

I have some appointments set up for this weekend to look at a couple places, then one next week. Hopefully they go well and stay available until I can go look at them.

I will feel much better knowing that we have a place secured and I can leave my parents' backyard to Cheyanne and Aldo, our cute poopers.

Also: Hilarious excerpt from an e-mail I just received:

"We have availability on January15th, 2110 to host your wedding."

Wow. That was the exact date I was looking for! Gotta love that font.


  1. You'll be fine, Celeste! I guarantee you the planning process is going to be a pain in the butt, but don't get discouraged! It'll all be taken care of one way or another.

    Oh, and CONGRATS ON BEING ENGAGED!!!!!!!! I know I've said that several times already, but OH MY GOSH!!!!! I'm so happy for you two! :)

  2. I'm honored to have been mentioned -nay, quoted- in this illustrious blog. Because sucking it up is really good advice for any occasion. And this is an occasion to end all occasions.

  3. I'm guessing that font screamed "wedding" to whoever wrote that E-mail.

  4. Looking into venues that aren't typical 'wedding' venues might be something to consider. Also having the wedding on a weekday opens up more availability and is cheaper, usually.

  5. Todd: Thanks! Things are already getting easier.

    Bethany: You are my better half (the brain).

    Jessica: Seriously ... I've noticed that the wedding coordinators aren't the most intelligent people I've spoken with.

    Kristen: Yeah, I tried going down that route. I'm not down the typical things anyway (so snobby). Fridays/Sundays are wayyyy cheaper, but Fri wouldn't work because we want it in the morning. And my mom says Sunday isn't appropriate because that's a "family" day. And apparently weddings aren't about families.