Saturday, August 22, 2009

Floral disaster

It's been awhile since I last posted. I have an entry written saved in my drafts, but it is really melodramatic and whiny. Not going to publish that one.

In any case: yesterday was eventful. My mom, sisters and my friend Erica accompanied me to a dress shop, the mall and then to a florist.

The florist was particularly ... not pleasing? I'm not sure how to describe her. But, I felt incredibly awkward during our 20 minute conversation. I also felt like I was not allowed to give any input or suggestions.

She started out with her asking what colors the bridesmaids' dresses are. Last time I checked, that was not at the top of my priority list. But maybe bridesmaids' dresses are an absolute must during the 8th month. Let me check my bride-to-be book ...

... Nope. Not the most important thing right now.

We brought in a magazine that had the colors we wanted on the cover. I thought that was good enough to provide her a palate. Apparently not. At one point, she told me that I should "figure out my colors" before we could go further.

I thought it would be more logical to pick the colors of the flowers and then base the bridesmaids' dresses off of that. Tulip colors are more limited than fabric colors, so I'd like to nail that down. But, according to the florist, "That's backwards."

In her defense, she seemed nice.

But she did not listen to a single word I had to say. Instead, I might say something like:

Celeste: "I think we need something along the edge of the water. There's a ledge that we could put something on."
Mom: "Yeah, it's kind of bare. We need to add a little something along the water."
Florist: "Let's put some flowers on the seat. Yeah!"

She kept suggesting things that really had nothing to do with what my mom and I would be discussing. It made me feel like I should stop bother trying to say anything. So, I pretty much did haha. From the get go I just felt kind of odd and put out, and the uncomfortable feeling just increased as we went along.

I just didn't really like that she wasn't really willing to listen to what we had to say.

Our conversation when we got back into the car:

Celeste: "I feel ... like she just ..."
Mom: "Wasn't listening to you?"
Celeste: "Yeah."

Now, onto more florists.

In the meantime, here are some tidbits (me and Jo's new favorite word) of inspiration for flowers and centerpieces.

Love the colors (this is what I'm going for) and the bud ideas. I think bud vases are so cute in multiples. This would also look good in a circle around some other sort of centerpiece.

What an awesome idea -- centerpieces that are favors of mini bouquets. Not sure how I could translate this to tulips, but very cool. Read the Martha Stewart DIY instructions here.

I like that the vase goes past the top of the tulips. Never seen that before.

This picture creeps me out, but I'm digging the fishbowl full of flowers. Seems expensive though since there are seemingly 1,305 flowers in there.

I know this isn't a centerpiece, but I need this idea to be incorporated somehow!

My new idea:

I'd love to use Perrier bottles to put flowers in. The bottle's opening isn't very wide (maybe two or three flowers could fit), but the green is so perfect! I could have that in the middle, with bud vases of the reddish-orange flower surrounding the Perrier bottle in a circle? Amanda suggested going to look at Cost Plus World Market for some wider mouthed bottles.

Another awesome idea:

OK, so my mom and I really want to spice up the steps and the red ledge with something. Maybe we could line it with some simple Perrier bottles and bud vases?

Also, Amanda is a genius. Her idea: put a couple tulips in the bottles and hang them from the chairs on the aisles. So good!

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  1. Ooh... I'm thinking you should put some flowers on the seats! :) LOL.
    The taller vases are a practical choice for the tulips, since they tend to be a floppy flower. The height of the vases would contain them if you want a more-tailored look versus free-form.
    Well, keep up the good work! Love the inspiration pics!