Thursday, August 13, 2009

Save the dates from

1. Winifred Studios $80 for 40 sets
2. P.S. Paper Goods $1.25 for 1 set
3. Baumbirdy $2.50 for 1 set (these card is a shimmering silver)
4. Mprints $90 for 50 sets
5. Invited Ink $359 for 100 sets (the text is letterpressed)
6. Dawn Correspondence $30 for 20 sets
7. April Ink Stationary $45 for 25 sets

So, save the dates: cute and practical or time and money waster?


  1. Save the Dates are a good idea if you plan on inviting people from out of town, so they can make sure and get time off from work for travel. I didn't do them because they were just another thing I would have to address and mail, which I'm not too fond of.

  2. I suppose it depends on how early you're going to send out the ACTUAL invites. I think if you're on the ball enough to get the actual invites out pretty early then save the dates are kind of pointless. But I don't really know how early people typically send out the actual invites, my friends were always lazy and barely sent them out a month early (which can't be the norm right, because that's just not a suitable amount of warning since they didn't send save the dates either).

    You should read this really cute wedding related blog if you aren't already. I think it's great, and it might help you generate ideas. Though maybe you're being overloaded with possibilities at this point.

    Also here's a really cool wedding invite I saw online some time ago, just thought you might appreciate how unique (well, to me. I don't honestly see that many invites though I suppose) it is:

    Anywho good luck with all this stuff.

  3. Lana -- that invite is my favorite EVER. When I first saw it I immediately sent it to Amanda because I fell in love. So freaking cute.

    Thanks for the link to that blog. I actually don't read any wedding blogs (just some that sometimes have wedding-related posts), so I need to start to gain some ideas.

    From what I've, you're supposed to send out invitations between six and eight weeks in advance. My mom says you should send them out a month or so in advance, but that seems to be cutting it too close.

    Kristen -- that totally makes sense. Being former Air Force folk, we have quite a few out of towners I'll be inviting. Plus, Josiah's family is from Prescott. Since it's a morning wedding, they may want to stay overnight on Friday. Thanks for pointing that out!

  4. Practical! and fun. I mean, once you set the date you can send them out! Then you have awhile before you have to worry about invites. I mean, you only get married once. I always thought save-the-dates were fun. I don't know about all this, though. I've become way too weird with my taste in things over the past couple of years. It's probably best you have Amanda doing this with you and not me. I mean, Mexicans do not do save-the-dates. Most of them don't even answer invites. You just have to guess. Seriously. My wedding is going to be a nightmare.