Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cake redesign

So, wedding cakes have turned out to be a disaster. I still have a ton of appointments left, but I'm already getting the feeling that my original ideas are outrageous. The woman today quotes us ... are you ready ...


I nearly crapped my pants. Needless to say, if this keeps up, I'm going to Plan B.

Remember these?

I randomly got the idea to line the tiers with candy sticks. I have yet to find a picture of it, but basically, the candy sticks would be making vertical stripes around the base of every tier. Does that make sense?

  1. Candy sticks seem to be about 5.5 inches tall. Would the cakes have to be the same height, or would it be good to have some white space above them?
  2. Is this going to look cheap? I don't just want to slap some candy on a cake and call it a day.
  3. Another thought I had was to break them in half, or maybe use two-thirds and line them up, so it'd be a jagged edge of varying heights. Who knows.
  4. What I really like is that the candy would make the cake pop. They are bright, textured, glossy and kind of translucent, so I think it would really add some depth to an otherwise white cake.
  5. What about rock candy? Those come in bright colors too...
Edit: Here's a really terrible, quick drawing I did to try and illustrate the idea. I'm thinking of doing mostly green and white with the occasional red and green added. Also, I drew the jagged edges because I have a feeling no one knew what I was talking about haha.

Edit 2: I drew the straight-edged cake too. I don't know if the baker could make it where the candy sticks come all the way up to the top, so I'm assuming there'd be some white space above it.

I get these stupid ideas in my head ... and I never know if they're actually cool or if I'm just humoring myself.



  1. I think the color in the candy canes will bleed into the frosting after it has been sitting a while but who knows! If you want I could add the canes at the very last moment to prevent soggy cane action. It would be a great job for me: "strategic cane placer". we could experiment.
    -katie lezzielehman

  2. Hahahahaaha. And damn, I bet you're right. It's time to experiment. Maybe I will be recreating this cake for my holiday dessert party. You in? I've always wanted a strategic cane placer...

  3. hahah you should rep the edge by forming X's with candy sticks. XXX
    You should experiment with rock candy. You can do some really cool stuff with it because it just gives things a sparkle.