Saturday, November 21, 2009

A glimpse into married life

I have been blessed to have some pretty amazing ladies in my life. It's been wonderful to hear the advice from women who have been recently married (Erica, Beki, Sara, etc.). It makes me feel like I'm not actually crazy.

One woman in particular that I am really thankful for is Sara, Josiah's cousin. Her husband and Josiah are BFFs, and I consider Sara one of my closest friends. I'm incredibly thankful to be joining the Kilduff family -- I love them all so much.

Sara came down to visit this weekend and I couldn't have been more excited. I absolutely love hanging out with her, and I feel like we are always on the same page. We all have those friends who just ... understand. Sara is one of them and I love her for it (and other things).

In any case, Sara and I had a lot of good wedding conversation this weekend. She's super supportive and has always given me great advice. She's especially wonderful at making me feel like what I'm going through is totally normal. I really appreciate that.

Today we hit the mall with my mom and Sara gave me tons of good registry tips that I wouldn't have thought of. Thanks lady! I think I have a better grasp on what to expect when I register in the next couple of weeks.

There was also a lot of baby talk ... not for me, though! Haha. Sara is pregnant and due the same week that we get married! It's been fun because we are both counting down the months until the big days. I've been super excited about the wedding, of course, but knowing that Sara and Jared's baby boy will be born that same week makes the countdown even more special. Especially because ... Josiah and I are going to be the godparents! I am just too excited. I love their family and their little boy is going to be a badass. Josiah and I are really bummed that they will be moving to the Bay Area at the start of the new year, but we can't wait to visit.

Sara, Jared, Josiah and I drinking non-alcoholic beverages (not lying).

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