Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I love cute pens

For some reason, I am really excited to address the invitations. I think I am going to start this week. I have always loved handwriting things (mostly because I think I have great handwriting, haha), so this should be really enjoyable.

My mission is to find the perfect pen to use. I am very particular about pens, as some may know. It's funny because my sister Annelise always makes fun of me for getting excited about certain writing utensils. But I can't help it! Some pens just write so well ...

Another question: do I have to use black ink? So boring! But our invites are a light reddish-orange salmon color, so I don't know what else would go. Nothing really.

This week I have three bakery appointments. I had one last week, and another tonight. The first one was really disappointing, so hopefully these three turn out a bit better. That seems to be the way it's gone though ... with the dresses and florists at least. We'll see. I'll post a roundup at the end of the week with my findings.

My next post will be a serious take on glasses. As in seeing eye glasses. I know you're going to be anxiously awaiting until then...

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