Monday, November 30, 2009

Grazie mille

In the search for cute stationery, I came across a multitude of bike cards! I’d love to incorporate bikes into the wedding’s thank you cards.

The bridal shower is coming up and I am super excited. Amanda is an entertaining genius, so I know her and my mom are going to throw a good one. With the shower come presents, and with presents come thank you cards.

I really like these. I was thinking we could change the color and add a simple “Thanks!” centered at the top. Amanda had mentioned that she was looking for some bike-themed invitations, so these would tie in well. I think they’d be cute regardless though.

Spokes from Volta Press on Etsy

Are you supposed to use the same thank you cards for the bridal shower and the wedding? Who knows! Target would be a cheaper choice for 100 wedding thank yous … but not nearly as cute!

Looks like I have more Etsy searching to do.

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