Thursday, November 19, 2009


The rehearsal dinner has been one of the easiest decisions so far with the wedding. A couple months ago Josiah and I brainstormed where we'd like to go. We came up with Delux, La Grande Orange and Fez. We ended up deciding Delux was too small and wouldn't be able to fit 25 or 30 people in there. I'm not sure whatever happened to the LGO idea, but for whatever reason that fell to the background. Eventually, we decided to go with Fez, one of our favorite restaurants. I won't lie -- I am easily swayed by its cinnamon-sugar sweet potato fries. They are too good for words. Fez has a fun atmosphere, and is nice without being snooty. All of their dishes use an eclectic mix of ingredients that is always perfectly matched. I wish I could go there more often to try the other menu items but, in all honesty, I have ordered the Fez burger probably 5+ times. It's amazing. So, our rehearsal dinner is booked for Thursday, April 8. I can't believe the wedding is only four-and-half months away. I seriously have had to recount that like six times.

Four-and-a-half months?!?!?

Anyway, check out some of the other menu items at Fez:

fez burger
1/2-pound grilled angus burger with spicy honey molases bbq, feta, lemon garlic aioli, crispy onions and cilantro on ciabatta

crisp pomegranate chicken
herb-crusted, pan-seared breasts with tangy pomegranate dressed organic spinach, roasted peppers, artichokes, chickpeas, dried apricots and toasted croutons

strawberry/blueberry cashew salad
field greens with champagne honey vinaigrette, minced red onion, cashes, strawberries, dried blueberries and manchego cheese


  1. Your post sounds! I've only been to LGO (which I love). Now after reading your blog, I need to try out Fez sometime!

  2. girl..I know you don't like alchy....but you have to try the "go green" martini!!!! I was persuaded to try it after the waitress told me I wouldn't like it.....bitch..anyways it is awesome! It has cilantro in it!
    -kt lehman

  3. Stacy ... when we meet up, we should totally go to Fez! I think you would lovvvvve it.

    And KT - you are ridic hahaha. I will make Josiah try it! Though Fez's margaritas are the best thing to ever happen to me. We should hit it up during happy hour!!