Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am the ultimate delegator.

OK, so Josiah is a busy person. I am a busy person too ... but not as busy, so I tend to get more done than Josiah. Anyway, he is a high school English teacher and is going to graduate school at ASU for his Master's in English literature. Consequently, his contributions to wedding planning have been less than amazing, but it hasn't been his fault (mostly).

But. Being a teacher and a student, he is one of those lucky assholes who gets a winter break. What kind of 24-year-old still gets winter break? So jealous.

Any time I have asked him to do anything ("Let's go register!" "Can you try on suits?" "When are you going to create a wedding playlist?"), he pushes it off until winter break.

Now that winter break is quickly approaching, I am hereby creating Josiah's Winter Break Wedding To-Do List.
  1. Search the Internet for men's wedding fashion.
  2. Go to Banana Republic and J. Crew to try on suiting.
  3. Develop plan for groomsmen's outfits.
  4. Come with me to Target and Crate and Barrel to register for gifts.
  5. Gather songs and create a preliminary playlist for the wedding.
  6. Find someone to man the iPod/laptop music situation.
  7. Order wedding rings.
  8. Find birth certificate and apply for passport.
  9. Make a decision on the honeymoon location so we can book a flight.
Hopefully we can cross at least half of those things off the last by January 2.

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  1. Smart girl...hope he sticks with the list! Boo winter BF returned to school and he get's one too! I suggest getting that passport out of the way ASAP...we had trouble getting Daniel's on time despite that he applied early (note this was in 2007 when everyone and their mom was applying for passports b/c they started the requirement for Mexico/Canada).